Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

With well over 90% of the global population now having access to a mobile device, is your business making use of this market to increase brand presence and maximize turnover?

Our Services include:

  • Mobile Application Design
  • iPhone/iPad Application Design
  • Interface Design
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Search Optimization

Contact us today and see how our mobile services can increase your turnover.

Mobile Development & Marketing

Are you ready for CHANGE?

We live in an ever changing world, technology is bringing us new opportunities every day.

Is your business aware of these opportunities?

How to maximize and leverage this technology to lead to greater awareness and profits?
Take a look at this video presentation......its a real eye opener, take our word for it!

Welcome to the new world!

convergence — n
1. Also called: convergency the act, degree, or a point of converging
2. concurrence of opinions, results, etc
3. the combining of different forms of electronic technology, such as data processing and word processing converging into information processing

Web Services

A Solutions Provider

Software & Programming Services information... to follow

Software & Programming Services

Free Website Offer!

Free Website Offer

It is the 21st Century and your business still does not have a website?!

Internet is now a mainstream tool for both lifestyle and business, can you afford to still be offline? There is no excuse! Take advantage of our free website offer.

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Start Mobile Marketing

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Smart Phone? Scan it and See what all the fuss is about

With over 90% off the Adult population carrying mobile/smart phones, can your business afford not to be involved in mobile marketing? We are offering a massive 50% discount on mobile marketing starter packages.

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Merchant Service Review

Free Merchant Services Review

Does your business take Debit and Credit cards? Or worse still is your businesses still cautious of technology?

Our comprehensive merchant service review has assisted businesses reduce cost by up to 40% and become PCI-DSS Complaint. 95% of Adults now carry 4 credit/debit cards! Are you maxmising this opportunity?

Free Merchant Services Review